Beauty and Mystery in Druid Hill Park

Table of Contents


1. White Winter Shawl

16. Island in the Boat Lake

2. Death of an Osage Orange

17. Cherry Tree in Five Acts

3. Figures In The Fog

18. Snow Country

4. Daybreak At Druid

19. Exotic Flowers, Exotic Names

5. Ghosts Live In These Woods

20. No Consolation

6. Sunday Brunch For 100

21. The Train Doesn’t Stop Here Any More

7. A Place For Dreaming

22. Stairway To The Past

8. Children of Summer

23. Skeletons Of Strength

9. Every Hill Has Its Dale

24. A Coat Of Many Colors

10. Palisade Against Rush

25. Time To Stand And Stare

11. Rare Earth, Rare Druid

26. Jones Falls Trail

12. Blossoms of Spring

27. One Man’s Tree Garden

13. Passing Fancies

28. Sun Beams And Shadows

14. Misty Feeling of Longing

29. Moorish Castle

15. Filaments of Color

30. The Unity Of Nature

Cylburn Arboretum:

31. A Cozy City Park

33. No Tree Climbing, Please

32. Public Gardens Since 1954

34. Autumn Colors at Cylburn

One response

  1. Saw your link on Mike Miller’s page. Nice job on the website. Your name sounds very familiar. We moved from Williamstown in 1963. My Dad owned a dairy bar at the foot of the Mohawk trail. We lived in the Luston house on Luce Rd which Mike featured 3 years ago. Thanks to working for the airlines, I have returned back to Williamstown every fall. Currently in Texas retired and writing sports for a regional magazine. Carlotta (nee Williams) Schmittgen

    December 24, 2013 at 5:49 pm

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