Beauty and Mystery in Druid Hill Park

A Place For Dreaming

Druid Lake moods change in chunks as little as minutes. A bench on a hill on the western end is suitable for spying on a gull skimming waves or geese passing in review. Blue and pewter moments come forth as well as mists, waves, mirror images, snow and the gushing fountain, pretty when working. The waters of the 55-acre reservoir average 30 feet deep. The reservoir was dug, dammed and filled for needed  drinking water in 1871, a decade after the park opened.  A federal mandate is expected to change the reservoir of drinkable water to a simple lake with uncertain future. I have walked in other Baltimore parks — Gwynns Falls, Robert E. Lee, Clifton, Leakin, Gunpowder Falls, Oregon Ridge, Fort Howard and Patapsco Valley — but none held me as close as Druid.

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