Beauty and Mystery in Druid Hill Park

Children of Summer

Baltimore children learn tennis basics or swim near the East Road while older kids play disc golf near the old Reptile House or run and stroll around the lake and hills. The city is making park improvements. Until the 1950’s, Jim Crow rules forced blacks and whites to use separate and unequal park tennis and swimming facilities. The Maryland Zoo’s pet skunk Peppy delights marathoners while a giraffe entrances two boys. The park is a refuge for peace and quiet as well as basketball, bicycling and socializing. Louis Rizzo returned home from World War II after serving on Liberty ships in battle weary convoys. Now 92, he says Druid was “THE destination…I took girlfriends there for picnics. It was all very innocent. The park was peaceful, a good place for picnics and it was free.” It still is.

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